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Info on NIH Grant fund availability — Impending Government Shutdown

Posted by Ed Jameson

Apr 7, 2011 8:43:00 AM

***The  following message from a ranking NIH official was received by a client of ours, regarding the potential government shut down.  If you have an NIH Grant, or are proposing one, this is a very important read!


We are receiving many questions about the impact of a possible government shut down on our member institutions due to the budget stalemate.

NIH has not issued any guidance at this point and all federal employees have been instructed by OMB not to discuss shut down scenarios. There is little chance that official guidance will be posted by NIH or HHS before an actual shutdown begins.

However, such a posting may occur concurrent with a shut down.

Most of the questions we are receiving involve the ability of institutions to drawn down awarded funds during any shut down, as well as adding new patients to NIH funded trials. It is our understanding that if automated drawn down systems continue to operate effectively, draw downs can proceed. If human (federal personnel) intervention is necessary, then drawn downs will likely cease. Of course, there will be no new awards during a shut down and the peer review process also will not function.

Further, it is our understanding that existing NIH funded trials being conducted at non-federal institutions and not directly involving federal personnel would be able to continue, including the enrollment of new participants. New enrollees at the NIH clinical center would be halted.

We will share additional information on this regrettable situation as it becomes available.

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